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and abroad year after year to see surgical work and to learn

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In weakly children small doses of Epsom salts will ultimately effect the same

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benzoate of lithium used by dissolving ten grains of the drug in an

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matin un conseiller savoir a 6tre degrade de sa charge de

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sputa of pertussic patients minute bodies which he termed infusoria

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Nearly all the vital organs manifest evidences of degenerative

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THE principal new growths which occur in the liver are carcino

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cellede toute votre famille quia amorc lanyueo et en cas que

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these symptoms are remarkable increase in the number of respira

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be exceptions to the rule and dementia idiocy or imbecility be the

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of contracting typhus from infected clothes and from cleaning the bedding of

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After establishment of an artificial anus the rectum becomes

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that erroneous conclusions may not be drawn 1. Active exercise not carried

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more benefit derived from them. Intestinal antiseptics adminis

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jour a ete rec.u avec grande pompe dans le parlement et dans

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que c est le dessein des Espagnols qui font comme les pe

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which the putrefactive focus can be evacuated and rendered aseptic.

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Treatment. Nausea and vomiting may be controlled by

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of temperature and great prostration attending. In other cases the

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from right ventricle through the ductus arteriosus.

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douze jours qu il ecrivoit a M. Vautier qu il falloit avouer

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on the surface is composed of the spherical spores. The plant fungus was

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Mumps rarely occurs sporadically. On the coasts of France

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plus retourner en Catalogue sa femme veut aussi revenir

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this territory to the Spanish possessions in Peru and upper

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instances and has been found in the buccal and nasal cavities of

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lededier avecdesseindem endedier encore d autresci apres.

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and stimulate the action of the heart by appropriate food and stimulants

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are also sometimes causes of local dropsy. Disease by enlargement of the

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most serious. Acute albuminuria gastro intestinal disturbances

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Serious sequelae are liable to follow recovery especially among

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proximo itur ad requiem sempiternam. Je vousprie d en avertir

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diminished elasticity of certain tissues occurring especially in advancing life.

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gado distinguished specialist in genito urinary surgery and

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creature du prince de Conde qu a cause de 1 antimoine et

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The congestion may also extend to the mucous coat of the blad

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C est chose resolue au conseil que Ton enverra un ambas

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the worst results which might ensue without their observance.

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trees grow that were planted by his grandfather and he plants

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and are no more distinguishable. The surface of the patch is then

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pus etc. containing this microbe should be first treated with a

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prit fort 6tant bien profondement enr6le dans le regiment

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on later and finally collapse and death. In favorable cases diarrhoea

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responsive vomiting. As the disease progresses cerebral symptoms

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tain side and far below into the valley. The stations switch

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American it should be taught generally in our pubHc schools.

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muco purulent at first and later sanguinous in character. With

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may contract gonorrhoea coincidentally and the chancre be concealed

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la tente comme les autres. Les revokes de Sologne ont cinq

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