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avoit fait malade leroi. Voila un homme qui a la chasse et

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York the disease was prevented from gaining an entrance into this

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mined. For a detailed account of lardaeeous disease in the various organs

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worked out under the surveillance of the committee.

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Etiology. This is a disease which comes on after middle life

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then aroused in the orgauism assisting in the rapid distribution of

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tered for its systemic effect and repeated every hour or two.

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minute round rose colored spots slightly elevated above the general

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posure of the mucous membrane of the stomach through a gastric

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ress of Hygienic Measures for the Prevention of Disease the practical application of

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logic de Gautier depuis quelques mois imprimee a Lyon 1 a

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followed thirty years afterwards by his Nosologia Methodica a work which

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jamais tant. On en a fait quatre publiques en nos ecoles dont

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that the cachexia would never result the other complications follow

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for the great scenic experience of their lives. The little train

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exercised then in doubtful cases that the physician does not jeop

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texture. Such softening is due to vital changes in the proper tissue often

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objections des jansenistes qui sont gens tres savants et de

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pere le fut pareil lenient il y a vingt ans pour meme crime.

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je salue de tout mon coaur mademoiselle Falconet a laquelle

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de 1 honneur de noire coinpagnie les juges m6mes m en out

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La reine Christine est a Rome des le 17 de de cembre. La

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the circulation such as ft pent up wound a retained placenta under

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much excitement of the system depleting cathartics are to be given if nausea

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n esqu un ignorant je le saisbien moi il en faut autant quil

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blance. Thus the hemorrhages at once bring together apoplexy and haemop

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tion then extending to the mouth and becoming ulcerative in char

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his appetite and weakened mental condition conspiring to render

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manifestation of malaria as exhibited by marked periodicity in th lt gt

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surgery by direct observation of the surgeons and their clinics

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thritic pains will afford a correct picture of the disease. Dengue

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autre fut blesse mais M. de Beaufort n y etoit point et ainsi

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He is the chief executive of Buenos Aires and is untiring in his

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intendant des finances etant le lendemain visile parM. Vau

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and prevailed extensively in midsummer as many as eight times in France.

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in this nodule some deliquescing to form a set of loculated cavities

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and even great districts of country. But its ravages in the English army

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azotized materials chiefly that morbid poisons whether of animal origin or

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tions the science of practical medicine has been and is being advanced by

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acteristic peculiar to scarlatina rashes similar in appearance hardly

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rien que leur indignation particuliere et la haine publique

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except perhaps general weariness or aching of the whole body or shivering

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such measurements show how closely such expenditure of forces is related to

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Le bonhomme M. de Chevreuse est mort age de quatre

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matory engorgement stasis alteration of fixed tissue cells etc. has

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fauces and pharynx. Difficulty of articulation and swallowing are

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rnutaret intelleclum. Mais ce n est pas assez ceux qui out

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tion de celles de Jo. Scaliger en Hollande ou il y en aura

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core sa maniere vive chaude coloree il pense et il peint en meme

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excellent alternates when the animal foods become objectionable

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the stomach with resultant phlebitis. In other cases villous growths

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warm surprised us by its coolness and by the delightful sea

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Je viens de chez M. Gassendi lequel j ai trouve en un tres

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