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compared with that of the perfect Brain in Man. From
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Bull Geo. Coulson Robins Memel House West Clijf rd. Ramsgate
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All the branches of the pulmonary artery leading to the
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the most skilful treatment will probably have the highest
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To be successful local and constitutional treatment must
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widows. The mortality of widowers is higher than that
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exposure. Dr. Berlin believes that snow blindness or
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Columbus. Ohio State University College of Medicine.
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Syme James. Principles of Surgery third edition enlarged.
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Candidate s names in full and tbe date of passing the Preliminary Examination
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the present Members of the Council of the said College and also such
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Appendix I. Descriptions of Specimens added to the Museum since 1885.
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meat of these animals is however very much less than
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whose interior is traversed by large blood sinuses.
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ent. In isolating anaerobic bacteria it must be remem
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Professors Morisani and Novi began their symphyseoto

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