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eight milch cows appeared to have heat and tenderness of the teats. The

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Group B. Small Pox after Vaccination Varioloid or Modified Small Pox.

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pains may call for cdocynth especially when the neurosis is about

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of yuinia sulphas for several days until the periodicity has been

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many respects that there may be confusion. Cancer however pre

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In my brief stop at Guayaquil I arranged for a meeting of the

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blematicjue ainsi vous voyez que tandem vincit veritns et

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plying this demand. For more definite instruction here the reader

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densed from the account given by the late Professor James Miller Prindples

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de M. de Longueville ils disent aussi qu ils veulent aller

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de la chimie et qui mepriscnt 1 astrologie judiciaire jugez

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and sulphuric acid seem only to agree with each other in giving singularly

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princes on vend ici un Avis a messieurs de Beaufort et a l

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far removed from each other and bearing different names.

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La princesse de Conde avec son fils le due d Enghien

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kind. But any such alterations unless they are dependent upon a change in

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vado road. The tram takes one along the route of the old

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a promenade and a band stand occupies a central location

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cordeliers et les carmes afin que la partie inferieure ne se

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not contract upon a reapplication of the same stimulus which before made

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and though an erythematous rash with cutaneous irritation may

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In about one fourth of the cases a relapse occurs six or seven

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lesser frequency in cases of other intestinal worms more or less serious and

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pouviez roncontrer. Nous n avoris point ici de nouvelles dc

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become watery and odorless and the patient becomes rapidly pros

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of the specific germs miasms gases or disease poisons themselves. They are

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the head and throughout the entire body the segments have more

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nouveaux moyens d avoir de 1 argent Le premier qui estdes

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least. In chronic inflammation instead of destruction of fixed

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watery and of a mouse like odor. The evacuations are sometimes

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as a medicament with satisfaction. Long standing cases of uncom

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und when the face is involved remarkable distortion of the features

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English perfectly and we were soon engaged in an animated

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towered impassable rugged peaks of mountains. At another

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power vividness and force that in the words of Montaigne we appear to

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cardiac action in elderly subjects. The involvement of the gastro

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que et alors je vous en manderai d autres particularites.

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bruit entre M. d Espernon et M. de Candale son fils lequel

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consensus of opinion seems to be in favor of the belief that the

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avocat de grande reputation. Pour le conseil touchant les af

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poisonous ptomaines toxines resulting in general sepsis of the

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well observed that the small pox never occurs except from contagion. It

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Prognosis. The prognosis is very unfavorable as the average

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In the intestine they are often associated with appearances resembling those

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leur dessein etoit d enlever M. Fouquet procureur general et

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and a friendliness that makes one admire them warm to them

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plus grand per acccssiunem fratellorum. G est a dire que les

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