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as in February. It reaches the monthly maximum of prevalence in May. It

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hundred years ago to furnish water for Rio de Janeiro. The

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being more frequently affected than girls. It is always associated

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filled up and a new one dug. Wells or springs in the neighborhood

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package which contained the applications for Fellowship in the

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severe diarrhoea occurring during this stage would suggest the pres

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become rough indurated and thickened under the influence of this degenera

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Rio de Janeiro through one of the mountain passes that gave

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To quench the thirst cold water may be given freely. Attention

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early loss of muscular power and control. The bowels may be confined or

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anaemia debility and cachetic symptoms the features becoming

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burning in the stomach after eating or fullness and distension with

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lier a une autre visile nous avons neanmoins parle de vous

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vegetable food and lived on salt pork and biscuits for a long period

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In some instances there may be a near approach in the resem

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Vos libraires de Lyon ressemblent done aux n6tres je ne

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maximum temperature as a rule such as rubella cerebro spinal

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the body being elevated by the heels to nearly the upright position

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bodies are vesicles containing serous fluid and giving them a whitish aspect.

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may be premonitory loss of appetite nausea and other gastric

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though often prolonged and aggravated by improper management.

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purement ditfamatoire. Je serois bien curieux de savoirpour

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digestion. Its morbid increase constitutes flatulency and tympanitis the former term

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stock. These parts are more distinctly developed the farther the segments

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their coloring matter more easily and dissolve more rapidly than they do in

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sponge upon the outer surface over the affected region. The patient

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chu de son cheval et est fort blesse de la vient une grande

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treated fresh and old wounds by a new and extraordinary method

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ing influence will be ftiore evident as time goes on.

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prendra sera une apoplexie ou quelque catarrhe suffoquant

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abonde en fort bonnes pensees. Vir fuit bcnc animatus eyreyie

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Watson observes that the fever may be high and very strongly marked in

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and inflammation of the connective tissue surrounding it paratyph

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ces deux grands hommes j en boisfort peu et neanmoins ce

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sans m ecrire mais ecrivez moi seulement de votre sante de

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ing strength. The mind unclouded before gently wanders now and the

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aiusi que les princes doivent punir et trailer leurs ofticiers


author places more stress upon such plan of treatment than upon

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and there were also many children on mattresses on the floor.

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understand mounting specimens and adjusting them upon the stage

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also how abundantly a granular fatty transformation occurs after death the

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tate very much as its protection may have passed away. The onset

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tion of tissue occurs involving the soft parts about the fauces and

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chief cause of dropsical efiusion was first experimentally demonstrated by

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order to lt letect them. They possess little significance therapeutic

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strings associated with true spores and named stylospores.

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gerous bleeding following the extraction of a tooth. Tooth extraction

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of grave visceral and sanguineous changee akin to those of typhus

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in a more or less transparent capsule lying between the sarcolemma of the

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