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comprendre en aucune fapon deux vivants aujourd hui qui

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period of collapse which is soon developed the patient dying in a

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which is closely connected with the medical department of the

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symptoms are much the same as these except that there is dullness

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bodily temperature is a consequence of the remarkable regulation of evolu

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Again when the synovial membranes inflame and the joints become enlarged

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Prognosis. While not inimical to longevity the prognosis as

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Vaccination provides a ready point for the entrance of the infection

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Pathology. There are no lesions characteristic of this disease

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and other debilitating causes 4. A moderate temperature dry heat being

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tation of the glycogenic center even mental stress such as severe

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dyspeptic diarrhoea 2 cholera infant um and 3 acute entero colitis.

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Drawings of tlie Parasite Removed from the Cysts 208

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imparts a peculiar wave to the fingers which without doubt attests

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waterways are estates with handsome homes orchards flower

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decline of temperature which is succeeded by abrupt and extreme

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Treatment. Herberts aquifolium cistus canadensis and echinacea

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number of stools. In malarious districts there will be a marked

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exist in great abundance which afterwards degenerate into the abnormal dis

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quantities with complete intervals while in haemoptysis there is

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