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Janeiro doctor volunteered the information that the negro
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date and the profits on time contracts alone ran into millions
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roient bien vite nous guerissons nos malades apres quatre
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miles. Rivers Paraguay 1 050 miles Itenez 1 000 miles
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direction of Dr. Pou Orfila a noted surgeon. The Italians have
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universities particularly those at Bahia and Pemambuco.
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Two defects which were evident in nearly all of the hospitab
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wrapped around the patient as hot as can be borne without scald
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Conditions under which Softening post mortem is seen
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autre ministre de la parole de Dieu en son eglise retiree a
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falloit s adresser si on en vouloil Irailer. M. de Lionue esl ici
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Depuis ma derniere ecrite il a paru ici une autre piece tou
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que Galien et Hippocrate je faisetat de Fernel Duret Hol
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then visited his home A commodious residence on a fashion
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completes its development in forty eight hours the quartan upon
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Diagnosis. This disease is readily diagnosed from typhoid
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theses que mon fils a repondues cet hiver passe il lui en reste
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The arteries may be occluded through a syphilitic arterio sclerosis
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farcy are exceedingly doubtful and the prognosis must be almost
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The important task of devising a Provisional Nomenclature and Defini
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tures existing in the blood while the trichina spiralis echinococcus
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intellect with an inability to employ the thoughts steadily and profitably on
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gens ne voulurent point combatlre voyant les ennemis qui
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Je vous remercie de ma lettre que vous avez rendue a
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grande envie son saint Georgius Cappadox que j attends de
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patient. As the disease continues the tongue becomes swollen the
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kidneys. If the patient cannot abandon his avocation or remove
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plasia occurring within the elastic tunics and enchreaching upon the
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vous prie de me continuer votre amitie de laquelle je tache
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lievre continue maligne avec assoupissement et reverie froid
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Savez vous bien pourquoi le Mazarin avant que d aller en
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betes has failed to prove generally satisfactory though some cases
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President of the Royal College of Surgeons Drs. Birkett Owen Kees Handfield
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du livre avec plusieurs eloges que je lui conseille d y mettre
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Tetanus may follow injuries of most any kind such as wounds
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teaspoonful every hour. The local applications will usually be

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