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the connective tissue round the joint accounts for any visible swelling. A

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the excellent action of echinacea in these cases I would expect good

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THE surgeons of Uruguay were found to be both ready and

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ment and the skin assuming an icteroid hue. The pain and tender

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Treatment. The treatment of dysentery will vary according

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they are divided into compartments by delicate partitions. From

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of dysentery with congestion extravasation of blood deposit upon and

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and 2 by lysis. Crisis is characterized by rapid and permanent

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Where the colon is distended pain in the region of the distention is

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mild of course a guardedly favorable prognosis may be rendered

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Colocyntli should take preference of all other remedies where pain

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then disappearing until the second or third day afterward. In

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mon conseil il ra onvoie un coureur gris qui me porte la en

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bloodletting renders the body more readily susceptible of the influence of

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ounce 12 centavos each additional unit or fraction.

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These varied conditions of the bloodvessels affect the motion of the fluid

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Lachesis in 2 grain doses of the 6x trituration repeated every

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or personal character. By such combinations the following characters of

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of the dejections would readily settle the question in any doubtful

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roi ira y demeurer le mois prochain mais Von en enlevera

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