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Joining a private club has never been easier or better. So which clubs are the best in certain categories? Find out in our Best of Private Clubs rankings for 2013.



With all the great public golf courses that are in and around the Metroplex, the question is always asked: Why would you want to join a private club?


The better question would be: Why not?


After all, there’s something about calling a place your club. It makes you bow out your chest more and puts an extra pep in your step. Wearing a golf shirt that proudly displays your course logo serves as a beacon to everyone you meet that says, “hey, I play here and I take my golf very seriously.”


But aside from the personal satisfaction (and perhaps the braggadocio) of being a country club member, there are a plethora of reasons to join a private club these days. First off, this might be the best time to join, as clubs are yearning for new members and are trying to attract members by any means necessary, including significantly lowering their initiation fees. It’s still a buyer’s market out there, but with the golf industry recovering from the economic crisis, there’s no telling when the deals will subside.


Another reason to join: private clubs are revamping and renovating their amenities and facilities to keep their existing members happy. The private club industry here, and anywhere, is a very competitive one. If you’re not keeping up with the Joneses, you’re losing members to them. Clubs are updating the golf courses, putting new carpet and walls in the dining rooms, revamping the 19th holes, creating new patios and renovating the outdoor areas in anticipation of those picture-perfect days. Most every club is doing all they can to make their place special, and hopefully one-upping their competitors.


There are so many great reasons to join a private club, but clearly there is one that stands out: the camaraderie. Having visited many clubs for these Best of Private rankings, we’ve seen how gracious and wonderful the members and staff are to us. The thing is, they also treat everyone else at the club the same way. So many times you’ll hear about friendships that have developed among members or between members and the staff. The reason for these great bonds: the private club. Naysayers can keep their “rent-a-friend” argument, and some members will tell them where to shove it. The camaraderie that’s developed between the members and staff at a private club is something special that you can’t replicate at any public golf course.


Please enjoy our Best of Private Clubs rankings for 2013. And definitely share your thoughts about these rankings with us … and your favorite foursome at your private enclave.

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