Hope and Glory

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Hope Beel’s reign as our Cart Girl of the Year will end soon.

So who will wear the coveted crown as the 2012 CGOY? That’s for you to decide.


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Hope Beel didn’t realize how much attention she would get for being AVIDGOLFER’s 2011 Cart Girl of the Year.

The looks. The signatures. The photo ops with golfers and other ogling red-blooded males.

It still happens from time to time, especially when she’s driving the cart around at Coyote Ridge Golf Club. Although, her days as a cart girl appear to be numbered, as she competes in fitness competitions, has started up her own personal training business and also opened up a nutrition club, Top Shelf Nutrition, in Addison Circle.

“We offer great tasting smoothies, energizing tea and a motivating atmosphere,” Beel said. “Not only do we supply great nutrition advice, we will also be hosting a free boot camp in Addison Circle.”

Despite all of her successes, she’ll be the first to tell you that being the Cart Girl of the Year was quite an honor for her.

“I had so much support from my golfers during the competition, and afterwards they still showed the love,” Beel said. “I changed my hair color a lot so sometimes it would take people a while to recognize me. Even a lady in my spin class was an avid golfer and was surprised to find out I was the Cart Girl of the Year because she had actually read my article.

“I still think it’s crazy that people asked for my autograph. At times I felt like a celebrity, in the golf world of course. It was fun though!”

Unfortunately, Beel has to relinquish the Cart Girl of the Year crown and give it to another striking beauty. Any one of the 12 lovelies who graced our pages as the Cart Girl of the Month in 2012 is deserving of this honor. However, there can only be one.

Could it be the dance instructor? The mother of a handsome young boy? The sorority gal? The aspiring country singer? That’s for you to decide. Visit www.myavidgolfer.com and cast your vote for the 2012 Cart Girl of the Year. Vote as many times as you would like. Heck, even tell your friends to vote.

These 12 darlings would certainly appreciate it.


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