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cases the nervous symptoms may not be at all prominent at any time.

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Je ne vous ecris que pour vous faire part de la derniere

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of the student and is compulsory. Argentina has four hundred

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matory fever. Nevertheless in the treatment of such cases blood taken

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with much higher or lower in the intestine. The changes consist

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seur dc medecine a rilniversile de Naples mort a Naples le 15 juillet

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the hepatic cells through the local influence of irritating or poison

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in by vomiting sometimes by very obstinate and troublesome vomiting. In

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while the maximum declines day by day until the normal line is

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priately met periodicity being interrupted with quinine and this

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oesophagus to the rectum. Sir Gilbert Plane also met with pustules on the

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fluences instead of using lymph from the primary vesicles of healthy infants.

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ena abate 4. Etiologically they are quite distinct from one another and

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contains a series of adobe and wood buildiags on several

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The gastric complication which attends many cases will how

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consequence. The same result has also occuri ed from liberating collections

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and elongated and becomes an additional cause of laryngeal irrita

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Almost every deformity imaginable may arise in this disease from

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ted from the facial tumor and eleven ounces on the following day. After

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elongated tongue with restlessness will call for aconite and rhus tox.

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gestion and irritability of temper for several days prior to the

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to fevers of a remittent type. Recently in 1856 such affections have been

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un homme d esprit et einuncta nan s. Noire pauvre et affligee

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n ai point recues quo veru deorunt istunt perfidiam put rant e

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and proud people who are spurred on by the fact that they are

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arrives a tous les deux partis mais de plus il veut que nous

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grand dommage car on dit que c est un sage prince et fort

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to extent or intensity and especially as to the constitutional afiection associa

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tuntfi corrupt ione mo rum vix puto aliquid standum nee ornnino

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vienne en depit de 1 ordre etabli dans votre college et que

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confounded with the appearance produced by eating huckleberries

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poudre diaphoretique. Trois ans avant sa morton ne 1 a purge

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ing to the special condition giving rise to it The exanthemata should

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aient 1 impudence et I effronterie de nous disputerce droitde

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the most part precisely similar to those which govern morbid poisons or only

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ten to fourteen days. It seems also ascertained that the specific poison of

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coating appears inclosed in a very red border which constantly increases in

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visible to the naked eye and the most remarkable thing about them was

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surintendant M. Fouquet procureur general au parlement

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In tuberculosis an increase of temperature shows that the disease is advancing

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signe de 1 antimoine d autant que les plus innocents remedes

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few commercial facts regarding this estate on which there are

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In mucus corpuscles or catarrhal cells the pigment exists in the form of

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may fail utterly to control purpuric hemorrhage though it may be

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the skin and alleviates muscular pain. Its cooling influence upon

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M. Moreau et lui a demande son avis touchant quelque addi

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removed with the greatest difficulty the assistance of the nurse s

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ne se dansera pas sit6t elle est remise apres Paques. Hier fut

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dreinatus Bazin quoted by Dr. Anderson On the Parasitic Ajfeetions of

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aver le nombre de ses creanciers 1 ont oblige de prendre lo

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direct passage of fibrinous particles from the large veins surrounding the dis

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becomes adherent to this new tissue from the circumference towards the centre

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mal il n osoit les faire saigner. Phlebotomies necessitatem ct

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bodies are vesicles containing serous fluid and giving them a whitish aspect.

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question though due caution as to sepsis and repeated puncture

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Treatment. The treatment will vary different conditions

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the heart must be examined with the hand and with the stethoscope because

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tenarian. Modern experiences often acquaint us with similar cases

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unyielding the mucous membrane and sometimes the entire struc

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only to men of the right caliber who were engaged in surgery

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Mechanical purpura may attend venous stasis of any form and

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nal frosts appear and though periodicity may be an element in win

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