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by elevation of temperature and constipation occurs in patients under

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A step further and we find that purulency cannot be controlled.

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temps et surtout notre ancien docteur et bon ami M. Riolan

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ose lui en donner de peur de scandaliser leur marchandise

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ant but requires a longer time to produce the effect.

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tend to restore structure. Opiates and astringents are worse than

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deafness etc. Our sedative has prepared the patient for this remedy

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toute la cour qui est ce que je vois e tre ici particulierement

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which cross the former in Rio de Janerio also many shops

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mie est un pur abus entre les mains des chimistes qui sont des

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from Callao to Lima and become the guests of the Society at

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pyaemia septicaemia typhoid or typhus fever or diarrhoea as a sec

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prisdel antimoine dont le gazetier s est vante mais un peu

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perature will be very high ranging from 106 to 107. Restlessness

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speare in long hand to aid him in perfecting his English. To

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IN 1920 Dr. Mayo and I visited Santiago arriving in the city

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anjourd hui incerlain variable ot pnurtant salubrc. Voyrz la nolc pr

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state but fat in excess renders them opaque. Thus a transparent part

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that period being gtf and the extreme minimum 34. The

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In suppuration of the abdominal walls there is not such intense

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tain the stranger. The membership is limited to surgical

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the addition of iodide of potassium to this prescription may occa

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meux partisans de Paris et qui se vante aujourd hui que le

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of the tissues soft compressible pulse and other indications of

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Another custom recorded by Dr. Lorimer illustrates the spontaneous evolu

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In the meantime the patient should remain quietly in bed and the

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busy times we had an opportunity of sitting at the home

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relax and debilitate the tissues of the organ as autopsies after

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favorable cases these growing longer permit of the patient s obtain

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happen that while one system is benefited others are injured and with some

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continuing to ooze until death the discharge probably being due to

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uniform crusts eventually form on the site of the vesicles. Some of these

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majority of cases by minute doses of colocynth or dioscorfn and the

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huit et cinquante quatre secretaires du roi des chauffe cire

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epilepsy or hysteria the character of the accident then sometimes

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points be attended to namely 1. Geological structure of the ground and

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toms of cerebro spinal fever. When this occurs the disease becomes

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occurs and now the disease is liable to manifest a tendency to reach

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administered in minute doses and repeated as often as every hour

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in size and their protoplasm has become granular obscuring the

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vient ce poeme car cet homme possede une place que tant

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Propagation of Typhoid Fever. 6th. In large towns the sewers are constantly

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indications should be carefully observed and any prominently indi

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timicifuga and sarracenia purpurea pitcher plant. In the use of

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Identical Paget. It is a characteristic primary product of the inflamma

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campagne oil il alloit voir un malade chut de son cheval

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this treatment I had 5 cases of abscess following the injections.

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however have delayed the work and the prospects of its completion

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On the day after several persons who had eaten the dinner were attacked

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ticularly in the French fleet at Brest 1758 Germany Italy England Ireland

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promis qu il tachera d amender l a faire. La somme est fort

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small surface and at others involving large areas covering the entire

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kali bichrom. 2x or arsenicum 3x may be more efficacious. Two grains

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The last European epidemic occurred in 1892. It originated in

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roi et les marchands n en viennent point la ou Ires rarement.

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admirable piece laquelle cependant ne se trouve point dans

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