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change their form of government from a monarchy to a

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vaille adecouvrir ceux quionttue le troisieme jour d octobre

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itchiness. But this is complained of in nearly every case of disease resulting

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in various portions of the nervous system though the apoplexy

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tan type every seventy two hours. Many cases tend to recur every

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the clothing. In large towns and cities where milk is distributed

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have deviated from the healthy standard. Such a nomenclature of diseases

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racelse et dans Crollius qui ne furent jamais medecins. 11 ne

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Symptoms. The patient may not manifest much discomfort

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tion remains high. Such phenomena he considers indicative of a positive

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Je viens d apprendre que le Mazarin des qu il fut arrive a

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from gall stones. The walls become contracted until the cyst is

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ments of a texture. Both sets of phenomena alike show that inflavimation

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The following are the general facts connected with the appearance of these

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quelque chose de particulier touchant notre faculte I.

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those of an antiseptic anti necrotic and stimulant we shall have the

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tail manger 1 an passe du pain bis il falloit en echange leur

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mettrela qui n y est pas tant inal employe. Quand je voisce

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hours a number of red papulae appear which become vesicular and perhaps

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Hollandois et non pas Anglois ante hoc aliquid scripsit ad versus

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preparartion. The tissue is abnormally translucent. Water alcohol and

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A high temperature would suggest the combination of jdborandi

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We were now settled in our hotel and as yet there were no

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epidemics has been a common initial symptom. Dr. Upham speaks of cases

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media which determine their character in certain directions. For

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lontiers je serois tres marri de leur avoir donne aucune oc

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knowledge regarding the treatment of diseases. It is the basis of rational

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The nervous type bearing evidence of gastrio irritation by the

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societ au despotisme Thomas Hobbes philosophe et ecrivain anglais

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scalding sensations in the stomach there may be sharp lancinating

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by atrophy of the glandular structure the organ becoming con

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portance. Its occurrence seems rather to point to some general pathological

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hia face. The abdomen is not sensitive to pressure and there is no

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pagnol lui offre cent mille ecus s il veut lui rendre la ville.

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mittent is compared with some cases of so called yellow fever. In other

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Symptoms. The symptoms are purely local the general health

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vori avec tous les joueurs de la cour sont alles a Saint

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Wharton Jones has shown that fibrinous coagula occasionally form and even

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Dean of the Medical Corps a distinguished ophthalmolpgist

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and become one of them. Mrs. Benton the mother of a Secre

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charge de medecin ordinaire du roi qu il avoit depuis sept

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guished from the passive congestion characterized by the accumulation and

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tem on edge aud thus oppose recuperative processes. Such agents

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on ne peut rien avancer. La saignee arrete la fluxion et apaise

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logical time limit. Seven hours after the iugestion of food the

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ment continue et que nous n ayons ici la dix huitieme en

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et vous prie de continuer a m aimer. J ai ce matin constilte

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