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motion and the waves can be reproduced in moving pictures.
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marked disturbance and may continue in comparative comfort for a
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Adenomata of the liver occur occasionally appearing in the form
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immersed here a few hours it will be found to be incrusted with
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ent cotton which will answer the purpose admirably. A loop is bent
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Hereditary Origin and Transmission of Melituria 914
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le cardinal de Richelieu a vole toute la France pour 1 enri
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are other remedies which have been highly recommended.
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la religion catholique de laisser entrer en France 1 ancien
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Intestine impervious or deficient in various regions.
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state but fat in excess renders them opaque. Thus a transparent part
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the face being sometimes pale and sometimes red and greatly expressive of
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cine gtt. x xx. That of dysentery when the symptoms are acute
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lira de nombrcuses epigrammes entre autres la suivante de Bois
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Natural History of Diseases a Special Subject of Study 53
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maudlin character resembling the vagaries of a drunken person and
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with whom I came in contact and his reception of me fend my
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Sometimes straining at stool is followed by rupture of one of the
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Santiago National City Bank of New York Anglo South
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tissues greatly shrunken. Though the surface is cold the rectal tem
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exhalations was influenced by the character of the season the moisture the
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though sometimes is not generally the case. The effect of this therefore is
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water and order a teaspoonful every three hours. Chlorate of pot as
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slight and the redness of the mucous membrane hardly noticeable
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croyez aisement que je ne suis pas auteur de cette action mais
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welcome was not by any means wholly official as there was
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bocome established within twenty four hours secretion being arrested
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known as the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Pre
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short of catharsis. This remedy will seldom fail to bring about sat
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pathology of typhus fever. The superficial cervical glands and the
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un medecin de notre Faculle a minoriordine transit in ntnjorem
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mie est un pur abus entre les mains des chimistes qui sont des
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three animals with fatal effect. Query Does it multiply its virulent proper
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trop tard de deux heures. On faisoit autrefois la guerre en
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and moves actively about for a considerable period a week. If
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is admitted through the cutaneous than through the mucous tissues 3. It
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il ira au palais en belle corapagnie s y faire declarer majeur
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first appearance of eruption and they continue to appear in successive crops
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the sheaths of the muscular fibres. They were alive some coiled up and
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conversation gave us valuable information about the institu
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from New York on the SS. Ebro an 8 000 ton steel ship
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mistaken for commencing small pox. The eruption however is more tedious
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ment of such cases the practitioner should consult standard authori
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Pour le litre de 1 epitre liminaire du Sennertus j en suis
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of these is a reddened base these constitute what are termed aph
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and the Pacific Ocean running in the general direction of
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Monlpellicr et prit le bonnet de docteur en 170S 2de son frere
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to the exactness or comparative certainty of the so called physical sciences
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inserted into the bitten wounds within one minute after the bite and thus
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ally occurring. Sometimes atrophy of the intestinal canal is present
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applied frequently. Burrowing ulcers may be syringed with it the
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I. Nervous System Ligamentum spinale cochlese atrophied parts of brain
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healing art. In the words of Cruveilhier he will during his lifetime see
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the stage of desquamation has begun as it lessens the liability to
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hospital and dispensary I was enabled to try this treatment on a
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surrounding area is stimulated to greater than normal activity and
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qui n auront point voyage. Enfin elle quitte de son plein gre
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South America. My own talk was received with an enthusiasm
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When a patient is seriously sick with scurvy he should have per

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