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ment for practical purposes the terms of the compromise being settled

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the term zymotic it takes for granted more than 4s known.

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far as the development of the eruption is concerned.

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Pathology. Suppurative inflammation occurs in the connective

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the hemaglobiu absorbed from the blood corpuscle accumulating

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While such is the usual course of the disease marked variations

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large militaiy and civil hospital in Tacna situated in a

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Simple or barren cysts contain fluid or organized matter comjjound or

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Diagram Showing Eange of Body temperature in a Severe and Prolonged

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this country. Of fifty five fatal cases perforation occurred in eight Louis

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strange environment which always takes courage and shows

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commencing about the tenth day may not be explained by the first method

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Prognosis. Permanent dwarfing added with various deform

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sieur mori bori ami tout ce que je sais pour le present de

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or rapidly from a few months to ten or twelve years being the

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this subject everywhere speaks with the utmost modesty and diffidence and

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severe muscular pains especially on motion with breathlessness increasing to

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to a bright golden yellow and petechise eruptions pustules ecchy

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cle a newer practice doubtless a better one when the years have

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But when it is remembered that every function of the animal body consists

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iodical diseases and the system should be prepared for its use by the

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Cases in which an enlargement takes place in consequence of an increase m

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grass smut and those of Ustilago vittata which cause similar disease in the

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J ai ceans un livre in quarto imprime depuis peu a Leip

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encore par plaisanterie mcdecins palpeurs ou tdleurs el feu Porlal qui

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more longer than the tube should be attached to one pole of the

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