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nasal and other cavities. A wash when used should not

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matter poured out into the air cells of the lung. This

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rhoeal discharges. In acute forms a half to one per cent.

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But we are enabled from the records of the Asylum to

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No response. Pushing open he saw a stack of dry beans

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boiling all water used for drinking purposes for which

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On the eighth day sensation began to return in three

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restored but a little consideration soon convinced me that

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and avoided are slowing of the pulse and respiration

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every case of pronounced dilatation. In milder cases

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voided some dark coloured mucus from the rectum besides

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Obstetric Medicine and Surgery in reference to Parturition.

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This preponderance of bacilli in water was first ob

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It is of vast importance in the consideration of germi

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quality. An ortho pi eparation among the derivatives of

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his admission. The pain in the side had not been relieved.

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lack of suitable or sufficient nourishment. On the other

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cases being most marked at the parts supplied by the ob

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present in a similar quantity of blood than in health for in

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fluences to Tuberculosis. Animah housed in hot stables

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ing the rent of the gland capsule reveals a discolored

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the substance of the lobules which solidifies them and

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nor detail leave little room for doubt. The parasites are

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after the completion of menstruation the spermatozoa have

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from the operation of the compulsory vaccination law

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to a radical operation or after the time for such operation

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length of time. According to Nothnagel it is difficult

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medical treatment of the patient and comment thereon

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admission both were unhealthy subjects and one had disease

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