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stituted. In younger children the use of Horlick s malted milk
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ive jaundice and renal irritation. There is evidently splenic
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de notre gouvernement et de nos deux ministres tant fe
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slowly the papular stage continuing three or four days. It has
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the attack is arrested means should be taken to remove such spe
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cold livid purple mottled and numb for a whole week and during these
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Seats of Hemorrhage and Technical Names of the Hemorrhages.. 110
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sibility upon the physician of attempting to control the ravings with
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material supervenes and so destruction of tissue takes place continuously.
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vigoureuse peinlure de ceux qui usurpent ce litre et qu il appelle
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was a sufferer from chronic gastritis the narrative suggests such a
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the foundation of modern special pathology and Morbid Anatomy. He
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but one a comatose case in which treatment was rejected early.
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several apparent relapses and continue for six or eight weeks.
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use being opposed to antiseptic precautions it being believed that they
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tine agar and certain saline mixtures such as Pasteur s Cohn s
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America has splendid hospital facilities and surgical material.
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to gangrene is said to have become more frequent in various inflammations of
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be seen at home as well as abroad. Since the object of travel
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querent le carrosse de M. de Beaufort et qui le vouloient tuer.
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Amyloid degeneration of the terminal arteries of the mesentery
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incdicis je les attendrai patieniment et n a que faire s il
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peculiar a sensation being imparted to the finger as though there
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relirois volontiers ses osuvres si j avois le temps. Pourle sur
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salient of these facts the attention of the student is here directed.
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Growth of the Peculiar Substance named Tubercle 875
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months to arrest their formation. Dr. Waterhouse recommends the
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per annum. The mortality of the British army is much above this. On
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deep olive green or bronze the tint depending upon the permanency
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being thrown backward to relieve the tension on the ligamenturn
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while the ulcers are foul deep and burrowing the secretions of the mouth
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same as that marked on the eighth day with a morning remission of
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chondriasis the patient is low spirited and inclined to melancholy.
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folius will afford temporary relief saturated tincture gtt. v x in a
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anaemic after a time and dyspeptic symptoms are common probably
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comme le pape et ses creatures Iriomphent en France.
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vcut jue Ton souffre patiemment son mal et sans se plaindre
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should administer the proper one with faith that some good might
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Laws of Epidemic Influence and Conditions under which it Acts
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in the calves of the legs and feet attend. The urinary discharge
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tions influence Pautorite le bien etre. Dans Petal actuel des choses
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week and as these increase in length and the maximum temperature
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by remitting gradations the morbid symptoms subsiding gradually
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necessitates a study of that of tuberculosis in general as acute gen
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The gravimeter or hydrostatic balance the microscope the stethoscope the
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hot water while fall doses of jaborandi are swallowed until per
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corydalis etc. should be thought of. Where hemorrhages are severe
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de meme grandeur je serai pareillement bien aise de voir le
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Septilveda Dr. Federico Engelbach Dr. Roberto Montt
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que je suis et serai toute ma vie veils nolis monsieur votre
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directed to the President of the College Dr. Mayo was read by
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fever of this simple and benign variety ceases and the disease terminates
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effect is the testimony of Dr. Tietze of Philadelphia in the fourth
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yellow color aud being described as pea soup discharges.
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their opera houses. They are scrupulous in the care of their
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expression to the countenance the child impressing the observer
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pour moi j atteudrai ce paquet patiemment et y verrai de
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itself sending one of the Professors of the Medical Faculty as
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tain extent 6 by diminishing the quantity of blood from which the inflamec
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and boil. If the solution remain clear add a few drops of the
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umbilical region with a depression in the epigastrium which may
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administered if there is severe headache. Cooling lotions may be
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stances or influences. In the one there appears to be a perversion
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a himdred miles below Buenos Aires on the outlet of the La
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of such elements it is termed numerical atrophy. As numerical atro
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opaque white color. When numerous they cause serious dilatation
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