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same order. Repeat this treatment every other day for a week or

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usually be controlled promptly by Eclectic methods. The disease

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perspiration about the head habitually especially at night. Such

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pudemment dans ce livre a M. Riolan optima et innocentis

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des ce temps la ennemi de la forfanterie des apothicaires qui

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Paris les chirurgiens a 1 ogal et peut etreplus que les apothi

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ing up the largest secretory canals and reservoirs. The smaller are usually

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typhus prevailed on board the ship and that typhus patients admitted from

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mented in patches imparting a shaven beard appearance to the

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est dorenavarit trop vieux nee tale quid ab illo sperandum et

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tions should be practiced every day the irrigation to occur before

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durant le siege de Paris. Lemardi matin 30 d aout le par

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du cardinal Mazarin avec laquelle ils esperoient d attraper

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of recovery as tracheotomy is imperatively demanded and this

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or less traceable through the past four generations.

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the subjects of Clinical Investigation and Instruction a method of

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provincial in spite of the bigness of their country.

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conservatories are found every modem device to care for a com

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disinfected as in typhoid fever and the quarantine should continue

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roit comme j ai occasion de me chagriner si nous perdons

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galvanic current which may be applied twice weekly by holding a

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II y a chez M. le president de Mesmes un terrible deuil pour

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fluviatilis perhaps the embryonic form of an Agearis.

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resort to calcium sulphide for this purpose. When there is a tend

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a frothy yeasty appearance and being acid in reaction. Various

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are thus filled with the disgusting fumes of turpentine that every

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an epidemic will exclude danger of confounding it with either of

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the sticking together of the blood corpuscles the heaping up and wedging of

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tinues to decrease throughout the following morning and day and on the

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Various Beliefs Entertained regarding Enteric and Typhus Pever.. 508

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and Dr. Clark both of whom are medical men the latter being

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