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All treatment ought to be judiciously regulated by the knowledge of the

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nates the case the swelling gradually subsides the redness disap

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cysted round worm Trichina spiralis. All entozoa so encysted whether they

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la Vie des Saints que le Ciel empiree etoit une pure fiction

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patient must not be overladen with bed clothes. The patient ought to be

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others yet recorded was associated with a large black spleen. The contami

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cult than to reduce temperature of which for obvious reasons it is not

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But some gaseous accumulations are the products of decomposition as for example

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meat and milk should be employed and the patient should re

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pass through a protracted period of suppuration the ulcers stub

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pharyngeal cavities glands and prepuce intestinal concretions especially in

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likely to be noticed. In gangrenous appendicitis the symptoms are

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almost recovered. However the antiperiodic must be promptly

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Seven Stages of Cholera. distinguished by Thudichum 662

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blance. Thus the hemorrhages at once bring together apoplexy and haemop

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almost inevitable within twelve or fifteen days. Chronic farcy is

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hcematuria hcemoptysis or hemorrhage of the uterus may also supervene. But

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most layer of the internal coat. Afterwards the intermediate substance

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yeUow fever is prevalent exterminate the pestilence and then

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not be likely to contain the element of cow pox infection. It would

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rises on the surface. Soon the nodule is observed to have become

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Clinical Congresses were clearly appreciated and I have no

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and ultimately may be quite inaudible leaving the second sound clear and

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