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CBS 11’s Whitney Drolen created quite a buzz when she arrived in the Metroplex nearly a year ago, especially among those golfers waking up for their morning tee times. That buzz hasn’t stopped – in fact, it’s only gotten stronger – but that’s fine with the lovely Drolen, as she told us, among other things, in our exclusive conversation.

As told to Robert Rodriguez


Remember those cheesy ’80s teen movies where the boys see the hottest gal in school and everything moves in slow motion? The wind is blowing her hair, her glance and smile make everyone drop their Trapper Keepers and everyone turns their head as she passes by?

That was pretty much the scene of my first meeting with KTVT/CBS 11’s stunning anchor and traffic reporter Whitney Drolen.

Thankfully, I didn’t drop my notes or voice recorder like a drooling high school boy, but it’s hard to stay focused when a statuesque blonde walks in the room, especially when she’s wearing Aggie maroon.

The thing is, what Drolen is wearing each morning has been the talk of Twitterverse ever since she came to the Dallas/Fort Worth area last July. In fact, she’s been a social media darling ever since her reporter days at her previous job with the CBS television stations in Los Angeles. Let’s not sugarcoat it here – Drolen can open up more eyes in the morning than anything a Keurig can produce.

While Drolen has embraced the role of being a broadcasting bombshell, what many don’t realize is that she’s very driven about everything in her life. She paid for college by appearing, and winning, on “Hollywood Squares.” As a young college student, she handwrote the president of the university a note because she didn’t want to risk losing the opportunity to attend his school if she fell behind on tuition payments. She also lived and worked in a remote part of West Virginia, making $14,000 a year, usually sleeping on a floor or mattress, eating hot dogs for dinner and spending her Friday nights thumbing through CDs at Wal-Mart.

That drive definitely makes her more attractive than any tight dress — Aggie-maroon colored or not.

Yet, she’s also into drives of another sort – and it has nothing to do with reporting on an accident at the DFW Connector. Drolen is actually a golfer who has been swinging the clubs ever since she was introduced to the game a decade ago. As you can see on the right, she even wears it well on the golf course.

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Drolen on a couple of occasions, and talked to her about her extraordinary professional career, her love for the Metroplex and its sports teams, as well as where you’ll see her later this month.

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