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Blonde Ambition

Coyote Ridge Golf Club’s Brooke Martin is our 2012 Cart Girl of the Year

Brooke Martin had an inkling that she was going to win the 2012 Cart Girl of the Year title.

Only she didn’t want to jinx herself.

She also knew that should she be selected as a finalist and go through an all-day photo shoot for this feature at an exotic locale, she could ask a coworker all about the experience. After all, last year’s Cart Girl of the Year, Hope Beel, worked at Coyote Ridge Golf Club with Martin.

But she didn’t ask Hope.

Instead, she arrived at the NYLO South Side Hotel for her Cart Girl of the Year shoot confident, but not cocky, that she was going to work the camera and win this illustrious title. Little did she know that over 40,000 people also had confidence in her, and voted Brooke as our Cart Girl of the Year for 2012.

“Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me,” she said. “I thought I had a chance, but I also saw that I was up against some beautiful ladies with amazing bodies.”

When Martin was first hired at Coyote Ridge, her general manager showed her an issue of AVIDGOLFER and told her she could be a Cart Girl of the Month and the club’s first-ever Cart Girl of the Year. Not surprisingly, when Martin was up for the Cart Girl of the Year honor, the Coyote Ridge staff applied a full-court press on its members and guests to vote for Martin.

Now, she gets to reap all the rewards and benefits that come with being the 2012 Cart Girl of the Year, such as a weekend stay at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Las Colinas and other goodies, along with some instant recognition and perhaps some bigger tips.

“I’m definitely excited about working at Coyote Ridge, especially this summer, as the reigning Cart Girl of the Year,” Martin said with a little glee in her voice. “Hope was kind of a celebrity out there [because she was Cart Girl of the Year], and everyone would ask where she was. So I see what the magazine and this title does. It really is a big deal.”

You’ll think Brooke Martin is a big deal after viewing the pages of our 2012 Cart Girl of the Year.


Pictorial shot at the NYLO South Side Hotel, Dallas

Art direction by Jessica Elizondo and Robert Rodriguez

Photography by Jason Wesch

Hair and makeup provided by Bre at 2Q Salon (817-442-8470)

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